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Summarizing balancing measures

In practical unbalancing it may occur that over a longer period several correction masses accumulate at the rotor.
If, for example, a mass is added each time, there will be a number of masses around the rotor after some balancing periods.
One could attempt to remove the old masses completely before balancing. However, this could lead to unexpected unbalance with the risk of high vibrations.
This tool of VM-BAL allows the reduction of several old masses to one or two pieces by calculation. This will provide space for further balancing.
Summarizing masses can only be done before or after balancing. For summarizing masses before balancing the input rotor data is needed.
Summarizing balancing measures

Current plane

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Summarization steps

3. Summarization steps
  •  Summarization starts with the reversal of earlier corrections.
  •  Then you choose the method for the summarized correction.
  •  The last step is the new correction