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PC Vibration Measurement System VibroMetra

Record raw data

VibroMetra masters the recording of raw measurement data. The unprocessed data stream from the USB devices is recorded into a file with full information content before it is transmitted to the instruments. You can replay this data later with VibroMetra Offline and analyze it offline. In VibroMetra Online you determine if raw data is to be recorded or not and where the files are to be saved.
VibroMetra generates files with a maximum file size of 2 GB. After a file reached the maximum size, a new file is opened automatically. The name for the new file is the file name used so far followed by an index.
Raw data recording not only includes the measured data, but also additional information:
Record raw data

Activate/deactivate raw data recording

1. Activate/deactivate raw data recording
By clicking on this checkbox, you activate raw data recording. But VibroMetra only starts recording when instruments are working on the measuring channels and only saves raw data of channels that are currently measuring.
If all instruments are stopped, VibroMetra keeps on writing into the raw data file. However, no raw data is recorded any longer, but additional information like wall clock time.

Free disc space

2. Free disc space
Indicates free disc space.
  • If raw data recording is deactivated, the free disc space is stated in units like MB, GB etc.
  • If raw data recording is activated, free disc space in stated in time units. This value is refreshed continuously.

File name

3. File name
You can enter a file name for the raw data in this field, optionally optionally preceded by a directory. If you enter no directory, the raw data will be saved in the VibroMetra directory, subdirectory Data. Furthermore, you can also use placeholders.
You can also select the storage location in the file system by means of file dialog:

Enter comments

4. Enter comments
According to experience, a measurement task often requires comments, e.g. about the measurement conditions. In VibroMetra Online, such comments can be entered directly into an input field and they are recorded with the measurement data stream. All comments are time-stamped automatically and displayed again with their time stamp when replaying measurement data in VibroMetra.
  • Activate raw data recording (checkbox Record raw data info file) to save comments.
  • Enter a text into the input field for comments.
  • Save the text in the data stream by pushing the Enter key or by clicking on the button .
  • Afterwards, the text turns grey to signal that it has been already saved. But it can still be edited and as soon as you change a single character, the text turns black again.

File currently used for recording

5. File currently used for recording
This field indicates the storage location incl. directory name and entered placeholders.

Limit data size

6. Limit data size
Basically, there is no size limitation of the recorded raw data. However, certain file systems (e.g. FAT32) do not allow files larger than 2GB. But in order to perform long recordings, the file size may be restricted to 2GB.