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PC Vibration Measurement System VibroMetra

Calibration state

The calibration state panel shows time information concerning the calibration and the calibration state.
Calibration state

Calibration interval

1. Calibration interval
You can adjust the calibration interval of a sensor. Manufacturers usually recommend a calibration interval of 12 months for piezoelectric sensors which are frequently used and 24 months for rarely used piezoelectric accelerometers.

Date of last calibration

2. Date of last calibration
Shows the date of the last calibration. The date is set by
  •  entering a sensitivity,
  •  saving in the instrument Calibrator
  •  in case of using TEDS sensors by writing data into the internal storage of the sensor.


3. State
The status gives a quick overview about the elapsed time since the last calibration.
  •  If less than 90% of the calibration interval have elapsed, the status is OK.
  •  From 90% .. 100% the label shows: Calibrate soon
  •  If more than 100% of the calibration interval have elapsed, the status is: Calibrate!!!
However, you can use the sensor independently from the calibration state. The status information is only there to remind you of the calibration and you can still use a sensor with an expired calibration interval together with VibroMetra.