Manfred Weber
Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.
PC Vibration Measurement System VibroMetra

Measuring run

This panel controls the measuring procedure. The suggested ramp parameters can be used to control drives. They also provide useful information about the suitability of the settings.
Measuring run


1. Method
VM-TRACK measures at increasing or at decreasing rotation speeds. If both conditions occur you may select which sections are to be displayed.
• Run-up analysis
Measurement at rising speeds
• Coast down analysis
Measurement at falling speeds
• Run-up analysis monotonous
Measurement at rising speeds (only speed higher as measured yet)
• Coast down analysis monotonous
Measurement at falling speeds (only speed lower as measured yet)
• free analysis
Measurement at rising and falling speeds
The mode can also be changed during measurement.

Rotation speed resolution

2. Rotation speed resolution
The rotation speed range is divided into discrete sections. This entry selects the width of these sections. The smaller the value the slower should be the change of rotation speed. Otherwise it may happen that there are invalid sections with less than one revolution measured. 
VM-TRACK shows different line types depending on the measured number of revolutions.

Speed range

3. Speed range
You can enter the expected minimum and maximum rotation speed here. These frequencies determine the limits of the displayed frequency axis.

Suggestion for speed ramp

4. Suggestion for speed ramp
If you are able to control the machine's change of rotation speed you will find here some information about the needed duration of measurement. The slider can be moved between shortest measurement and highest precision.
  • Shorter measurement assumes at the lowest speed only one revolution for measurement. There will be more revolutions considered at higher speeds.
  • Highest precision guarantees even at low speed that at least 10 revolutions are measured.
The data shown here is only a suggestion for your information. It does not influence measurement.