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Automatic A(8) calculation sheet

If only one activity is carried out the whole day, the vibration total value corresponds to the daily vibration exposure. But persons usually carry out many different activities during one working day. All these activities have to be considered when calculating the daily vibration exposure. VM-BODY makes it absolutely easy to calculate a complex daily vibration exposure:
  • The vibration total value is measured for each activity. It is not necessary to carry out the measurement for the entire exposure duration per day. It is sufficient to measure for a minimum duration. You can repeat the measurement for one activity several times to obtain a higher statistical certainty.
  • All measurements can be found in the data storage. And exactly these measurements are available in the list of all measurements as well.
  • Now you simply drag the measurements into the calculation sheet by mouse, name the activities (exposure segments) and enter the actual exposure duration.
Now you have finished the complex calculation of the daily vibration exposure with the A(8) value as result.
Automatic A(8) calculation sheet

List of measurements

1. List of measurements
All measurements from the data storage are listed up here. If the single measurements have been carried out on different days, they are read into the data storage successively and create a big data storage for all measurements.

Calculation sheet

2. Calculation sheet
The single measurements are taken over to the calculation sheet by drag & drop.
  • When the measurement is dropped to "daily exposure", a new exposure segment is created which contains the dropped measurement. Now simply enter a name for the new exposure segment.
  • If the measurement is dropped to an exposure segment, an average value is indicated. This procedure is intended to increase the statistical certainty when several measurements were carried out for one activity.
For every exposure segment, the actual exposure duration has to be entered in the column Duration. The measurement is not usually carried out for the entire exposure duration, but for a shorter duration which must not be below a certain minimum duration.
As a result, there is a daily vibration exposure A(8) calculated conforming to standards, which can be printed in a detailed report at the push of button.


3. Report
The calculated daily vibration exposure can be printed in a report. You can choose the report template.