Manfred Weber
Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.
PC Vibration Measurement System VibroMetra

File settings

File settings

Log duration

1. Log duration
Pretrigger allows to record signals that occur before the actual trigger event. It can be up to 30 seconds.
Posttrigger sets the duration of recording after the trigger event. Maximum value is 24 hours.

Log file

2. Log file
Here you enter file name, folder and file type.
The option Create default name automatically generates a file name as follows:
year-month-day-hour-minute-second VM-REC ID. The default folder is  <your VibroMetra folder>\Data\M302/M312 serial number.
Alternatively you can enter your own file name, including variables.
These are the available file formats:
Header>text, Data->binary
A single file is generated with header data in text format and recording data in binary format.
Header->text, Data->text
Both header and data are saved in text format in a single file.
1: Header->text, 2: Data->binary
Two files are generated, one containing the header data as text, the other containing binary data.
Header example:
VM-REC version number
Pretrigger time in seconds
Posttrigger time in seconds.
SampleRate in samples per second
Number of active channels
Channel settings
Settings for channel 1, identified by ending "_1".
InputID_1=K1 - IBL2 #1000
channel number, device type and serial number
InputName_1=Lager 12
Channel name
Sensor_1=KS80 3346
Sensor name
Index of the selected measurand in the menu, starting with 0
Measurand as text
Index of the selected unit in the menu, starting with 0
Unit as text
Index of the selected characteristic in the menu, starting with 0
ParameterName_1=True RMS
Characteristic as text
Lower filter frequency
Upper filter frequency
Upper alarm limit
Lower alarm limit
Upper bar graph extension in percent
Lower bar graph extension in percent
After channel 1 follow the settings of the other active channels (NumChannels), marked with "_2" etc.
Measuring data
These fields specify the data format:
binary or text format
Byte position of the first data byte in binary mode, first text line in text mode
Data type, 4 = 4 byte floating point numbers (float), 8 = 8 byte floating point numbers (double)
There is no DataSize in text format where the values are separated by line separators.
After this the actual data follows in the order of channels (example for 3 channels):
value 1, channel 1; value 1, channel 2; value 1, channel 3;
value 2, channel 1; value 2, channel 2; value 2, channel 3;
value 3, channel 1; value 3, channel 2; value 3, channel 3;
value 4, channel 1; value 4, channel 2; value 4, channel 3;
To program external software for the reading of data you need to check DataType to identify the type of data (binary / text). DataStart is used to set the pointer to the start position. DataSize determines the size (float/double). With this information reading can be performed. Header data, like MeasurandName and UnitName, can be used for diagram text etc. Time axis information is derived from SampleRate.
To calculate the amount of data, add Pretrigger and Posttrigger from the header and multiply by SampleRate and NumChannels.


3. Information
Here you are informed about the expected file size. The colors mean:
Space left for more than 10 files
Space left for 1 to 10 files
Disk full

Logging mode

4. Logging mode
Usually recording will be triggered by an overall status event. Sometimes immediate recording after start is desired. This feature is often used in combination with external start.