Manfred Weber
Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.
PC Vibration Measurement System VibroMetra


While measuring, VM-WIND displays the vibration total value and a colored assignment to the evaluation zones.

Measurement mode

1. Measurement mode     The selected measurement mode is shown once again.

Measurement mode  selection in case of  combined measurements

2. Measurement mode  selection in case of  combined measurements
When selecting combined measurement in the selection tree, different measurement modes which have to carried out on the same measuring point are carried out simultaneously. They are numbered consecutively.
During the the measurement, you can select which measurand with its values is to be displayed. The other measurement modes are carried out in the background. You can watch their results in status bar 3.

Sensor placement

3. Sensor placement
The image shows the coordinate system for the wind energy turbine. The sensor has to be mounted in a way that its axes are aligned accordingly resp. you have to select the axis accordingly in the sensor automatic.
A correct alignment is especially advantageous for analyzing the causes, e.g. for elevated vibration values.


4. Start/Stop  This button starts resp. stops the measurement.

Status bar 1

5. Status bar 1  This status bar shows sensor and measuring channel.

Measuring values X/Y/Z

6. Measuring values X/Y/Z  
The vibration value (interval RMS value) for the axis is displayed here.

Status bar 2

7. Status bar 2 
The second status bar shows:

Status bar 3

8. Status bar 3
This status bar shows additional values. If you carry out combined measurements, the measuring value of the other measurand (which is measured in the background) is shown here.

Vibration total value

9. Vibration total value
The maximum of the values from the single axes is displayed as vibration total value.

Measurement duration

10. Measurement duration
VM-WIND displays elapsed and remaining measurement duration. The elapsed measurement duration counts with minus sign from start delay to 00:00:00. Afterwards, the elapsed measurement duration counts up to the aimed measuring time. The measurement is stopped when it reaches the aimed measuring time.


11. Remark
This remark informs about the current state.

Signal input

12. Signal input
At the signal input, you select the measuring channel and configure the measuring range. If you activated the sensor automatic VM-WIND selects the measuring channel automatically.