VibroMetra User Manual

Frequency axis settings

Frequency axis settings


1. Unit
The unit for the frequency axis is switchable.
Apart from the units Hz and 1/min, the display as order in order, Hz and order, 1/min is available  (order analysis).

Grid density

2. Grid density
If you activate this checkbox, VM-FFT will show grid lines at all graduation marks of the frequency axis.

Permanent autoscaling

3. Permanent autoscaling
If you activate this checkbox, VM-FFT will scale the frequency axis permanently in a way that all lines with more than 5% of the highest magnitude are visible.

Step size

4. Step size
The step size (shown in scale lengths) by which measurement curves and scale are shifted during a movement. For instance, 10% means that the measurement curves are moved by 1/10 of the frequency axis.

Automatic scaling

5. Automatic scaling
This button scales the frequency axis in a way that the signal is displayed with three periods of its main frequency.

Compress / expand curve

6. Compress / expand curve
These buttons compress or expand the measurement curve.