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Mass list

A mass list is belongs to a correction method of adding mass pieces opposite to the unbalance.
In practice it will be often time-consuming to make an exact mass according to the balancing calculations. It may be advantageous to use prefabricated mass pieces instead. These can be prepared in practical weight steps, for example 1, 2 and 5.
VM-BAL can calculate the optimum combination of these masses using as few pieces as possible.
The mass list method can be particularly useful for fixed positions. Many rotors have on their face side screws or threads in certain angles which can serve as fixed locations. Washers can be put under the screw heads for balancing. These washers could be entered as a mass list. VM-BAL will ensure that only a limited number of washers can be mounted and it can also consider the weight of the screws.
Mass list


1. List
The list shows the entered mass pieces. All entries can be directly edited. An entry can be deleted by right mouse click.

New mass piece

2. New mass piece
Click to add a new mass piece.

Maximum mounting length

3. Maximum mounting length
The number of mass pieces that can be attached at one position will be usually limited, for example by the length of the used screw. This entry is the total length of all all stacked mass pieces. The individual lengths of the mass pieces is found in the mass list.

Mass of mounting part

4. Mass of mounting part
The part used for attaching the mass pieces, for example a screw, will also contribute a mass. Enter zero if this part was already attached to the rotor at the time of vibration measurement. If the mounting part is attached only in combination with a mass piece, enter here its weight.

Open / save list

5. Open / save list
A mass list can be saved and loaded.