Manfred Weber
Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.
PC Vibration Measurement System VibroMetra


While measuring, VM-BODY displays the vibration total value and a colored assessment.

Measurement mode

1. Measurement mode Shows the selected mode.

Sensor placement

2. Sensor placement
The image shows the body's coordinate system and the position of the sensor with regard to the person.


3. Start/Stop  Starts and stops measurement. Starting is only possible when all settings in Measurement mode menu have been completed.

Measuring values X/Y/Z

4. Measuring values X/Y/Z
This field displays the vibration value (weighted RMS value) for the measurement axes.

Status bar 1

5. Status bar 1  This status bar displays sensor and measuring channel.

Status bar 2

6. Status bar 2 
This status bar indicates:

Status bar 3

7. Status bar 3
This status bar displays weighting filters, crest factor and MTVV.
Crest factor and MTVV are two additional characteristics which always have to measured when measuring human whole-body vibration conforming to the standard. For instance, they indicate whether the measurement contained shocks. If they exceed a certain value, this information has to occur in the measurement report. VM-BODY automatically monitors these characteristics in the background. In case of exceedance, the respective characteristic field is displayed yellow. VM-BODY is also able to take over limit exceedance to the measurement report automatically.

Status bar 4

8. Status bar 4 
 This status bar displays k factor and VDV.
The Vibration Dose Value (VDV) is common especially in Great Britain and is classified as vibration characteristic for whole-body vibrations there. It is formed automatically in VM-BODY.

Vibration total value

9. Vibration total value
This can be, depending on the measuring mode, the vector sum or the maximum value of the 3 axis values.

Duration of measurement

10. Duration of measurement
Remaining and elapsed measurement duration are displayed. The elapsed measurement duration counts with minus sign from start delay to 00:00:00. Afterwards, the elapsed measurement duration counts up to the aimed measuring time. The measurement is stopped when it reaches the aimed measuring time.


11. Remark
This remarks inform about the current state.

Signal input

12. Signal input
At the signal input, you select the measuring channel and configure the measuring range. If you activated the sensor automatic, VM-BODY selects the measuring channel automatically.