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Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.
PC Vibration Measurement System VibroMetra

Data storage settings

Data storage settings

Storage location

1. Storage location
The data storage can be named here. It is saved as a directory. Additional to fixed components, the name of the directory can also contain variable components, the placeholders.

Directory tree

2. Directory tree 
This button opens a directory tree.
Data storage is carried out in a directory which contains several files. The target directory can be newly generated in the displayed directory tree.

Saving method

VM-STRUC will typically be used for long term monitoring. It will store a list of measuring intervals. Each of these interval is evaluated for warning or alarm events.
Level-controlled data storage will save records with variable length. A new record will only be saved if  the evaluation result has changed. This method is practical and memory saving because it saves quick changes in short intervals whereas just one record is saved for long intervals when there is no change. The duration of each event is also recorded.
The time window for event separation defines how long a certain alarm event must persist to become a separate record.
Clock-controlled data storage saves records of constant length.
Each record is evaluated. The time resolution only depends on the entered clock rate. Long intervals without change will produce large amounts of data without additional information.
Example for two periods of time:
  • Alarm level exceeded for 5 seconds
  • No alarm event for 1 hour
  • Level-controlled recording with 3 seconds event separation will save two records:
  • Alarm condition for 5 seconds
  • No alarm condition for 1 hour
  • Clock-controlled recording with 60 seconds clock will save 61 records:
  • 1 record of 60 seconds with alarm event
  • 60 records of 60 seconds each without event

Warning threshold

4. Warning threshold
DIN 4150-3 only defines two conditions: alarm or good. VM-STRUC features an additional threshold for warnings at a certain percentage of the alarm level.

Record time signal

5. Record time signal
For a deeper analysis or for conservation of evidence VM-STRUC can save the signal in time domain.
The following options are available for saving time signals
  •  never
  •  only at alarm events
  •  at alarm and warning events

Save remarks

6. Save remarks 
The measurement is monitored by VM-STRUC.
For instance, it recognizes overload and underload. Such measurement remarks can be automatically taken over into the remark field, which is available for every measurement. The remarks are also taken over when a report is printed. Deselect this option if you do not wish to take over the remarks.