VibroMetra User Manual

Setup area

Setup area

Calibration source

1. Calibration source
Several types of vibration calibrators can be adjusted as calibration source. These produce a sinusoidal signal with a different amplitude each. The amplitudes that meet the sinus signals with rms between 1 m/s² and 10 m/s² are available. In addition, the first entry offers the possibility to insert an individual calibration level.

Calibration level

2. Calibration level
If Adjustable value is selected as calibration level, a command is accessible into this field. The rms of the excitation signal can be inserted. The permitted range is 0,001 .. 1000 m/s².

Select measuring channel

3. Select measuring channel
Selecting measuring channel.

Gain of measuring channel

4. Gain of measuring channel
Adjust gain of the measuring channel.