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PC Data Acquisition

The VibroMetra PC measurement system was designed for typical vibration measurement tasks. The main focus was on a short training period and ease of use. The only hardware needed are sensors and USB data acquisition modules.
Why Choose VibroMetra
  • Tailored to typical vibration measurement tasks – no burden by unnecessary functions
  • Modular and expandable design
  • Compact measurement modules, powered by the USB port, which is particularly advantageous for mobile applications
  • Simple installation, little training required, measurement can begin after just a few minutes
  • Offline measurement: VibroMetra saves the sensor’s raw data in the background during measurement, allowing you to repeat the measurement later with different settings or other software modules
  • One or more USB measurement modules M312B
  • Two IEPE sensor inputs each
  • Digital input for rpm sensor (photoelectric reflex switch)
  • Power supply via USB interface
  • Download the current VibroMetra software including all software modules and device drivers
  • Once the modules have been licensed, the software is fully operable with the corresponding M312B
  • Test VibroMetra free of charge: Start it in simulator mode; VibroMetra then works with simulated signals and allows you to get to know all modules
  • A software module is licensed by means of a license key which can be purchased. It is valid for one or both channels of the respective software module on an M312B with a specific serial number. It only works with the M312B for which it was purchased. It remains stored in the M312B and can be used on any PC.
  • With the clone function, you can operate up to 4 copies of an instrument per measuring channel at the same time. For example, you can use three VM-METER to record vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement simultaneously on one measuring channel, even though you have only purchased the VM-METER once.