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VibroMetra USB sensor interface

Sensor interface for the VibroMetra software

Compact USB measuring module for two IEPE-compatible accelerometers

TEDS support

Digital input for speed and pulse measurement

Driver support for all current Windows versions

Hinweis: Das Gerät ist nur zur Verwendung mit der VibroMetra-Software vorgesehen.
There is no driver support for other software
Software licences are required for the desired measurement functions.
The licences are assigned to the serial number of the unit and are stored in it.

When connecting several M312B to one PC, they must be interconnected by SYNC cables.

Technische Daten
Technical data

Measuring inputs
2 IEPE (BNC), Tacho
Frequency range (-3 dB)
0,1 .. 40 000 Hz
Power supply
5 V (USB)