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VibroMetra license for overall value display

Overall value displayed as five-digit value

Display selectable between vibration acceleration, velocity (VM-METER+) and displacement (VM-METER+)

RMS value, positive, negative and unsigned peak value, instantaneous value


Rotation speed measurement with photoelectric relex switch (VM-METER+)

Main frequency measurement (VM-METER+)

Order characteristics at rotational frequency or its multiples (VM-METER+)

Sound level measurement with A and C weighting, noise dose measurement (VM-METER+)

Distortion measurement (VM-METER+)

By means of the clone function, up to four VM-METERs with different settings can measure simultaneously

Offline measurement possible

Note: For VM-METER SE as part of the combination licenses VM-SE FMS and VM-SE FMP the integration for vibration velocity and vibration displacement is not available.

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