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VibroMetra license for frequency analysis

Calculates the spectrum of vibration acceleration, with VM-FFT+ also vibration velocity and vibration displacement

VM-FFT+: Envelope analysis with for the diagnosis of roller bearings

VM-FFT+: Power Spectral Density (PSD) Measurement

VM-FFT+: Freely configurable limit value curve with alarm function

RMS and peak spectrum

Two cursors for displaying frequency and amplitude with snap function

VM-FFT can be triggered by VM-SCOPE

Up to four signals in one window

By means of the clone function, up to four VM-FFT with different settings can measure simultaneously

External signaling devices can be controlled

Offline measurement possible

Note: For VM-FFT SE as part of the VM-SE FMS and VM-SE FMP combination licenses, triggers, amplitude list, reports and annunciators are not available.

Technische Daten
Technical data