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PC Vibration Measuring System VibroMetra

Meter Software Module

Meter Display
  • Level display as five digits number
  • Display selectable between acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • RMS, positive, negative and unsigned peak values, instantaneous value
  • Rotary speed measurement with Photoelectric Reflex Switch (only VM-METER+)
  • Main frequency (only VM-METER+)
  • Measurement at rotation speed or multiples (only VM-METER+)
  • Sound level meter (A and C weighted) and noise dose meter (only VM-METER+)
  • THD (distortion) measurement (only VM-METER+)
  • One VM-METER license can be operated simultaneously up to four times with different settings
  • Offline measurement

Notice: Notice: VM-METER SE as part of the combined licenses VM-SE FMS and VM-SE FMP does not include integration for velocity and displacement.

Required hardware components IEPE / USB interface M302 or M312B, IEPE accelerometer
High pass filter 0.1 to 39990 Hz* (0.3 to 1990 Hz)**; 4 / 16 / 64 poles
Low pass filter 1 to 40000 Hz* (10 to 2000 Hz)**; 4 / 16 / 64 poles
Software description (online help)
Data sheet (300 kB)
Quick start guide (600 kB)
The latest version of VibroMetra software can be found on our download page.
VibroMetra can be started in the Simulator mode for testing.
* with M312B
** with M302