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Special Accelerometers

This page shows vibration sensors for special applications.
The Seat Pad Accelerometer Model KS963B100-S was developed for measuring whole body vibration transmitted by driver seats of building machines and other vehicles in compliance with ISO 10326-1 and ISO 7096. The sensor has an IEPE output for robust signal transmission.
The Probe Accelerometer Model KST94 was developed for automated vibration testing in a mass production process. The sensor features a movable tip. It can be approximated to the test object, for example, by pneumatic force. A sophisticated damping system provides excellent reproducibility and suppression of environmental vibration. Model KST94 has an outstanding life expectancy of over 10 million test cycles. Its IEPE output can be processed by standard equipment, for instance the M33 signal conditioner or M12 vibration monitor.
The Low Power IEPE Accelerometers KS94L and KS943L are intended for applications demanding low power consumption, such as telemetry or other battery powered equipment.
Model KS82L has an integral magnetic base with a center contact for reading digital serial numbers from VMID measuring points.

Probe Accelerometer KST94C-4N KST94C-9N
Sensitivity 100 mV/g 100 mV/g
Measuring range ±20 g ±40 g
Pressure force 3.6 N 9 N
Stroke 5.5 mm 5.5 mm
Maximum vibration magnitude 1 mm (Peak-Peak) 1 mm (Peak-Peak)
Linear frequency range (±3 dB) 40 .. 3200 Hz 40 .. 4500 Hz
Connector UNF 10-32 UNF 10-32

KST94 functional principle
Data sheet  3D-model  STEP-file [.stp]   Mounting instructions  Calibration adapter KST94CA  

Triaxial Seat Pad Accelerometer (ISO 10326-1) NEW KS963B100-S
100 mV/g
Measuring range
±60 g
Electronic data sheet (TEDS)
IEEE1451.4, template 25 with transfer function
2 m cable with plug Binder 711
(Adapter from Binder 711 to 3 BNC plugs included)

Data sheet

Low Power IEPE
KS94L KS943L
Output Low Power IEPE Low Power IEPE
Sensitivity 14 mV/g 14 mV/g
Measuring range ±240 g ±240 g
Linear frequency range (±3 dB) 0.3 .. 19000 Hz 0.3 .. 19000 Hz
IEPE supply current 0.1 .. 4 mA 0.1 .. 4 mA
IEPE compliance voltage 4 .. 6 V 4 .. 6 V
Connector M3 socket axial Binder 707
Weight 3.5 g 16 g
Data sheet  3D-model  STEP-file [.stp]
Data sheet  3D-model  STEP-file [.stp]

VMID Accelerometer VMID Logo KS82L
Output Low Power IEPE
VMID Interface for reading digital serial numbers from VMID measuring points
Sensitivity 35 mV/g
Measuring range ±60 g
Linear frequency range (±3 dB) 0.2 .. 14000 Hz
IEPE supply current 0.5 .. 5 mA
IEPE compliance voltage 6 .. 7.5 V
Connector Binder 713 (M12), axial
Weight 54 g
KS82L KS82L Base
Data sheet

OEM Accelerometers KS901B10 KS901B100
10 mV/g 100 mV/g
Measuring range
±500 g ±60 g
Linear frequency range (±3 dB)
0.35 .. 28000 Hz 0.2 .. 23000 Hz
UNF 10-32, axial UNF 10-32, axial
5.2 g
5.6 g
Data sheet  3D-model  STEP-file [.stp]