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Vibration meter for human and machine vibration

For hand-arm vibration measurement according to ISO5349 and ISO/TR 18570, whole-body vibration measurement according to ISO2631 and ship vibration according to ISO 20283-5

Measuring ranges for acceleration, velocity and displacement for measuring machine vibrations

Display of running and interval RMS value (RMS), maximum RMS value (MTVV), vibration dose value (VDV), vibration total value, peak value, and maximum peak value.

Additional measuring channel, e.g. for SEAT measurement on driver’s seats

Three-channel FFT for finding main frequencies

TEDS support for automatic sensor detection

Measurement storage

Data logger for rms and peak values

USB interface for data transfer to the PC

Excel macro for calculating the daily exposure value A(8) and generating standard-compliant reports

Handy pocket size

Technische Daten
Technical data

Channel number
Measuring range acceleration
0,1 .. 6000 m/s²
Measuring range velocity
0,1 .. 50 000 mm/s
Measuring range displacement
0,001 .. 75 mm
Frequency range acceleration
0,1 .. 2000 Hz, 1 .. 1000 Hz
Frequency range velocity
1 .. 100 Hz, 10 .. 1000 Hz, 2 .. 1000 Hz
Frequency range displacement
5 .. 250 Hz
Vector sum (X/Y/Z)
Peak value
Frequency analysis (FFT)
125 lines
Measurement memory
10 000 measured values