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Vibration monitor

For building vibration measurement according to international standards

Includes a high-sensitivity triaxial accelerometer, data acquisition electronics and a rechargeable battery

Safe user guidance

Calculation of main frequency by running FFT

Time and event controlled recording for 100 000 measurements

Connects to the IoT sensor data platforms AskSensors and ThingSpeak for remote monitoring using a web browser

SMS sent at alarm events

Robust aluminum case for field use (IP67)

Radio-controlled beacon light as accessory

Technische Daten
Technical data

Supported standards
BS 7385, Circulaire du 23/07/86, DIN 4510-3, SN 460312A
Peak of acceleration, Peak of velocity
Measuring range acceleration
0,01 .. 15 m/s²
Measuring range velocity
0,1 .. 2400 mm/s
Frequency range (-3 dB)
0,8 .. 100 Hz, 0,8 .. 395 Hz, 5 .. 150 Hz
Relay, Serial
Power supply
5 V (USB), Rechargeable battery