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Building Vibration Measurement

TriaxialVibration Monitor
  • For structural vibration measurement to DIN 4150-3, BS7385, SN 640312a, Circulaire du 23/07/86 and many other standards like Federal Transit Administration (FTA) standard.
  • Includes high-sensitivity triaxial accelerometer, electronics for signal conditioning, monitoring, recording and battery
  • Safe user guidance
  • Measurement of main frequency by continuous FFT
  • Time and event triggered recording for up to 100 000 measurements
  • VM40B with SMS notification at alarm events
  • Robust aluminum enclosure for autonomous field application (IP67)
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Monitored quantities
Peak value of vibration velocity or acceleration
Measuring ranges Acceleration: 0.01 - 15 m/s²;
Velocity: 0.1 - 2400 mm/s at 1 Hz; 0.1 - 30 mm/s at 80 Hz (frequency dependent)
Frequency ranges (-3 dB) 0.8 - 100 Hz; 0.8 - 395 Hz; 5 - 150 Hz
Displayed data 3 peak values (X/Y/Z) or vector sum, main frequency, 50 line FFT spectrum
Alarm indication LEDs for warning/alarm, super bright
relay output, n.o./n.c, max. 100 VDC / 2 A
SMS alarm function External cellular modem 4G (LTE B3, B8, B20); 2G (E-GSM-900, DCS-1800)
SMS sent at alarm condition, includes X/Y/Z values, date, time and device name
SMS polling of alarm number and highest alarm by calling the VM40
Interface USB, PC software for archiving and report generation included
Power supply Internal battery, 5 to 15 days (depending on mobile communication), charge duration approx. 10 h with mains plug adapter
unlimited operation with connected USB supply voltage
Data sheet (250 kB)
Operation manual (5 MB)
The latest version of the VM40 PC software you find on our download page.
Firmware update

PC Vibration Measuring System VibroMetra

Building Vibration Software Module

Building Vibration Measuring System VM-STRUC
  • Measurement and evaluation of vibrations in buildings to DIN 4150-3 for the determination of their effects on structures
  • Convenient user guidance requires only short training
  • Comparison with limiting values to DIN 4150-3
  • Simple generation of reports
  • Detection of the main frequency
  • Recording of vibration events and real-time signals
  • External Messengers
  • Offline measurement
  • Available as kit: VM-STRUC Kit with accelerometer KS823B

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Required hardware components IEPE / USB interface M302 or M312B, IEPE accelerometer
Measurands Vibration velocity in mm/s, main frequency
Filters Butterworth, 1 - 80 Hz and 1 - 315 Hz
Software description (online help)
Data sheet (400 kB)
Quick start guide (600 kB)
The latest version of VibroMetra software can be found on our download page.
VibroMetra can be started in the Simulator mode for testing.