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PC Vibration Measuring System VibroMetra

VibroMetra is a USB based system for typical vibration measuring applications.


  • The system was designed for typical tasks of vibration measurement. No ballast by unwanted functionality.
  • The system is modular making it upgradeable and particularly economic with fewer channels.
  • The necessary hardware is very compact which makes it particularly suited for mobile use.
  • Short installation and training time. After a few minutes you may start with the first measurement.
  • Off-line measurement: VibroMetra permanently saves the raw data stream of the sensor signal in the background. By this means you may analyze your measurement later again with other settings or other software instruments.
  • Data export as graphics, text or binary file

NEW in VibroMetra 1.9:

  • Adjustable window sizes, scalable diagram areas
  • New module for waterfall analysis VM-FFT 3D
  • Support for acoustic measurements in VM-METER+, VM-REC+ und VM-PLOT+
  • Orbit display in VM-SCOPE
  • Output of WAV sound in VM-SCOPE
  • Frequency response measurement in VM-FFT+
  • Order analysis in VM-FFT+
  • Database of bearing fault frequencies in VM-FFT+
  • Logarithmic amplitude axis in VM-FFT
  • New modes in VM-TRACK
  • Raw data files of more than 2 GB

... and many other improvements.


  • Vibration measurement and diagnosis at rotating machinery
  • Balancing of rotating parts
  • Building vibration measurement
  • Human vibration measurement
  • Production quality control
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Mobile measurements with notebook PC


The only required hardware are one or more M302 / M312B IEPE/USB converters and one or two IEPE compatible accelerometers each. The M302 / M312B converts the analog sensor signal into a USB compatible output signal. Two IEPE sensors can be directly connected to the M302 inputs whereas sensors with charge output can be connected via a Remote Charge Converter  IEPE100.


Signal processing is performed by the software. It consists of independent modules similar to common hardware instruments. The following software instruments are currently available:

* The combined licenses VM-SE FMS and VM-SE FMP include software instruments with reduced functions:
  VM-METER SE: VM-METER without integration
  VM-SCOPE SE: VM-SCOPE without reports and annunciators
  VM-FFT SE: VM-FFT without triggers, amplitude list, reports and annunciators
  VM-PLOT SE: VM-PLOT without reports and annunciators
  VM-SE FMS and VM-SE FMP are only operable with the IEPE/USB converter M312B.

In addition the following options are available which work with most instruments:
  • VM-MAIL: Enables e-mail alerts
  • VM-ADAM: Enables the use of external switching devices of ADAM series
  • VM-RADIO: Enables the use of radio controlled switching devices of the FS20 system
  • VM-PLAY: For replaying saved raw data without connected M302 or M312B
  • VM-TXT: Converts saved raw data into text files
  • VM-BIN: Converts saved raw data into binary files

Trial Software: The latest VibroMetra version including all available software instruments can be downloaded here. The installation becomes fully operational after software registration for the desired instruments. It can also be started in the Simulator mode for testing its functions free of charge with simulated signals.

Software Registration: For using the VibroMetra software with your M302 / M312B license keys are needed. Licenses need to be purchased for each function and each channel individually. We offer quantity discounts and attractively priced software packages. A license belongs to a particular M302 / M312B identified by its serial number. The registration information is stored inside the M302 / M312B. You can connect this unit to any PC - it will always keep its registered instruments.
The latest software versions of the instruments are always available within the VibroMetra package for free downloading. So you have access to the latest updates and added functions without paying again.

Clone Function: The software instruments feature a so-called Clone function which allows to copy an instrument with all its settings up to four times. Thus you don't need to type in all settings again if you want to change one parameter only. Cloning may be useful, for example, if you want to measure vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement simultaneously with one VM-METER instrument.

System Components

VibroMetra System
  1. Piezoelectric sensors with IEPE output are directly connected to the PC by the USB converter M302 / M312B. Piezoelectric sensors with charge output are connected with an in-line charge converter.
  2. M302 / M312B units are connected to the USB-input of the PC. The PC supplies the M302 / M312B with energy. No external power supply is needed.
  3. The instruments work on the PC-screen simultaneously. You can combine them at will.
  4. Event messengers enable the instruments to transmit messages about changes of measured values or other events.


The VibroMetra package includes a free calibration module which is useful for calibrating the entire measuring chain from the mechanical sensor input to the measuring display. By means of a vibration calibrator the sensitivity of a transducer can be determined easily. The measured sensitivity and the calibration period are stored in a data file.

Quick start guide
A detailed description of the VibroMetra software you can find in the online help pages.